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Ronald F. Smith, P.E

EIA - Tris Phosphate in Children's Sleepwear CPSC Washington, DC
EIA - Acrylonitrile in Consumer Products CPSC Washington, DC
EIS - Banning of TBPP in Children's Sleepwear CPSC Washington, DC
Economic Impact of Regulatory Senarios on Mobile Sources EPA Cincinnati, OH
Environmental Impact Statement Rayon Plant Louisiana
Assessment of Chemicals in Apparel CPSC Washington, DC
Environmental Impact of the Cement Industry EPA Cincinnati, OH
Environmental Assessment Manufacturing Arsenal Rock Island, IL
Part A and Part B Permit Applications Incinerator, Landfills, Cyrofracture Facility Various
Hazardous Waste Landfill Conceptual Design and Cost Estimates Chemical Plant Belle Chase, LA
SARA 311, 312 & 313 Chemical Plants Various
SPCCP Pulp & Paper, Chemicals, Oil& Gas Various
Pollution Incident Prevention Plans Industrial Facilities Various
Waste Minimization Plans Refineries, Chemical Plants Various
Phase I Environmental Assessments Industrial Facilities, Oil & Gas Fields Various
Phase II Environmental Assessments Chemical Facilities, Oil& Gas Fields Various
Phase III Environmental Projects Industrial Facilities, Oil& Gas Fields Various
Water& Wastewater Studies Electrical Equipment Manufacturer Phila., PA
Vapor Recovery System Evaluation EPA Various
Characterization, Treatability, and Treatment System Design Firearms Manufacturer Hartford,CN
O&M Manual Pumping Station Georgetown, DE
O&M Manual WW Treatment Plant Morrisville, PA
Hazcomm Implementation Chemical Plant Belle Chase, LA
E.I.S. and E.I.Q. Preparation Oil & Gas and Industrial Facilities Various


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