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A Visit to Goree

Goree is an island located just off the coast of Senegal-Gambia. Goree was the major slave shipping point from West Africa. These pictures were taken during a vist to Goree in 1978.

Slaves were transferred by boats to the island and kept in small crowded rooms until the ships left for the Americas. They were either "loose" or "tight" packed according to the greed of the ship master. Many died during those trips to the new world.

  1. This is a view of Goree from the Air

  2. This is a view of Goree from the boat between Senegal and the island.

  3. This is a closer view of the island as the boat approaches the dock.

  4. The sign welcomes vistors to the island and lists things that are forbidden.

  5. This view shows the Atlantic Ocean through the door through which our ancestors were forced to board the ships which would deliver the "lucky" ones to the Americas. When you get close you can actually see where the sides of the portal are worn from thousands of hands clasping with their last hope.

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