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Ronald F. Smith, P.E

Supervise Cost Estimates, Working Drawings and Specifications Design Firm Phila., PA
Design & Construction Management Chemical Phila.,PA
Design-Cooling System Aluminum Casting Accra, GHANA
Design Food Processing Plant Sagamu, NIGERIA
Productivity Study Brewery West Germany
Conceptual Design Apartment Complex Mansfield, LA
Feasibility Study Merchant Mill West Africa
Structural Redesign Pistol Range Phila. Naval Base
Acquisition Study Railcar Maintenance Facility Pottstown, PA
Market Research Iron & Steel West Africa
Organization Study Injection Molding Phila., PA
Organization Study Specialty Chemicals St. Louis, MO
Classification/Compensation Medical School Phila., PA
Training Program Computer Phila.,PA
Energy Management Air Filter Manufacturer St. Paul, MN
Energy Management Paper Mill Chester, PA
Water& Wastwater Studies Electrical Equipment Manufacturer Phila., PA
Economic Analysis EPA Cincinnati, OH
Environmental Impact Statement CPSC Washington, DC
O&M Manual Pumping Station Georgetown, DE
O&M Manual WW Treatment Plant Morristown, PA
Energy Management Manufacturing Arsenal Rock Island, IL
Mobilization Study Manufacturing Arsenal Rock Island, IL


Selected Experience

Selected Examples of Experience

Table of Selected Environmental Projects

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