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Universal Community Homes

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Universal Companies Institute Charter School
MLK Opportunity & Resource Center
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                              UNIVERSAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Kenneth Gamble Chairman, Philadelphia International Record &
Community Resident
Abdur-Rahim Islam President & Community Resident
Shahied Dawan Secretary Tresaurer & Community Resident
Tamelia Applin Co-Secretary & Community Resident

                          Members of the Board

Faatimah Abdul-Haqq Salaam Enterprises Owner & Community Resident
Sultan Ahmad Philadelphia Parking Authority
Jan Albaum Tori-gallas CHA Architects
    Kenneth Gamble Rajah Ali Homemaker & Community Resident
 The Universal Mission Robert Archie, Esq Duanne Morris & Heckscher
Universal's mission is the creation of a model for urban American privatization that can be replicated in any African American  minority and/or urban community . Our model is based upon self-reliance and accountability .It is intended to restore and create physical spiritual wealth . Universal's efforts to improve the physical landscape of our community are anchored by an institutional commitment to rebuild the spirits of the people who live in South Central Philadelphia . We  are working too create good citizens-not just citizens of this city or nation, but good citizens of this world. We intended to create an institutional framework that produces people who takes care of their families, pay taxes, create and sustain their place in the global economy, and who are productive members of a civil and orderly society
Dewed Bey Business Owner & Community Resident
Charles Bowser,Esq Attorney
Al Brown Point Breeze Performing Arts Community Deveployment
Donna Brown Point Breeze Performing Arts Community Deveployment
Harri-yet Evens Nutritionist, Educator & Community Resident
Radfiq Diya al-Rareed Advantage Print & Copy Center, Luxurious Limos &
African Sunshine Soda Owner
Zeb Lieberman Business Owner & Comunity Resident
Alice Lipscomb Hawthrone community Deveployment Corporation
Walter Lomax, MD HMA Health Assocciates,Inc
Henry Nicholas District Council 1199-C
Mamie Nichols Point Breeze Fedaration
John Paone Business Owner
John Rosenthal Pennrose Properties, Inc
Carlin Saafir,Esq Attorney
Hardy Williams,Esq Former State Senator, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
& Attorney
Ethel Wise Martin Luther King Resident Council & Community
Deveployment Corporation